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Two hand cupping running water

Water Security – what it is and why is important

Water is something that we use daily therefore it can be overlooked when discussing climate related security issues. The lack of access to fresh water supplies in some countries and the threat of water shortages in others is a security challenge that needs to be discussed. We often forget that water is …

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Mother and Child

Climate Change is a Feminist Issue

Climate Change is a Feminist Issue After the Covid Pandemic, the climate crisis feels like the most pressing issue of the 21st Century. This is because both these events are so significant, and it feels like they should impact us all equally. But the fact is that they don’t. Covid had a more …

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Bright Laundry Room

Simple Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Laundry Routine

Depending on how you do your laundry, a single load can result in anywhere from .6 to 3.3 kg of carbon. If you take into consideration that the average American family does about 300 loads of laundry per year, that’s anywhere from 180 to 990 kg of CO2 emissions per family per year …

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Bulk Food Bins in Grocery Store

10 Easy Ways to Ditch Plastics for the Spring

Plastic Free July is coming to a close and whether you’ve made loads of changes in your daily routine or are still trying to get the hang of recognizing plastic in your life, there’s no wrong place to be in your journey. To help the people that might need some inspiration of how to progress …

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