Greenland’s Fishing Industries Imperiled by Climate Change


Climate change is the long-term change in the weather patterns that have defined Earth’s global climates. Global warming is known as the long-term heating of Earth’s climate system due to human activities. It’s not always categorized as heat and can have a broad range of effects. Regardless of their meanings, neither does the Earth nor us much good. 

Climate change is one of the greatest threats that the world is currently facing. One thing that a lot of people confuse it with is global warming. While these two things are similar, they have different meanings, and that’s what we’re going to dive deeper into today.

According to World Wildlife Organization, climate change poses a fundamental threat to Earth’s many places, people, and species. Many new challenges are being faced because of all its effects. One of them is the different cultures lost in many areas due to the ongoing impacts of climate change. 

One of the most prominent places feeling all of the repercussions is Greenland. It’s filled with many glaciers and cool temperatures that are now melting because of the effects. Not only that but all of the melting glaciers are enormous contributors to the global sea-level rise, which has also become a tremendous problem.

Greenland Ocean
PC Photograph: Adrian Wojcik, Getty

Let’s talk about Greenland’s fisheries and how they’re being affected by climate change. Fisheries are essential to employment and export in Greenland. According to Climate Greenland, the fishing industry is responsible for more than 85% of the country’s exports. And the ocean water temperature has a significant impact on catching shrimp.

The decreased catch is a massive problem because shrimp is one of Greenland’s largest exports. Increased sea temperature also boosts the occurrence of cod. They feed on shrimp which deliberately decreases the amount of shrimp in the waters. Not only will this affect employment in the future, but it can also affect how other animals inhabit Greenland. 

Fishing Boat in Glacier Water's Of Greenland
PC Photograph: SarahNic, pixabay

Experts say that adapting to the changing temperatures will be necessary if fisheries want to continue to grow in business. It’s also noted that overall fishing management needs to be improved regarding how fisheries target climate change. Taking care of the increase in cod will pave a path to how shrimp fishing will go.

Climate change brings a lot of uncertainty to many companies and even the lives of many. It’s a long-term effect on the livelihood of the Earth and how it runs. Because of this, people and even animals have to adapt to the changes for survival. The complexity of climate change and its expected results are still being researched. More answers may predict different scenarios and maybe even help some of us understand how to navigate the new changing world we’re living in.

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